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NMED Open Data Portal

Welcome to the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) Open Data Portal! 

This portal is intended to serve as a means to access all available NMED data via secure Application Programming Interface (API).  

To access our data, we require that you register with the portal.  

You can browse the titles and a short description of our available APIs before registering.  

Anyone who registers will be provided access to all of NMED’s public APIs.  

Members of the regulated community served by NMED, as well as partner agencies and other official entities, can, during registration, request an elevated account that provides access to certain protected data APIs. Such requests will need to register using an official email account and potentially provide other means of verification before these account requests are approved.  

Once registered, you will be able to fully explore and consume our collection of APIs, and access Open API Specification documentation that will help you understand, learn, and leverage those APIs for your purposes.  

We hope you enjoy your visit to the NMED Open Data Portal and return many times. 

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